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Move-Net was started to facilitate and foster an atmosphere of cooperation between moving companies and bring awareness, education, and value to the customers we serve. Move-Net has created a program that helps moving companies increase business and reduce expenses. Our Chairman of the Board has been in the moving industry for over 20 years and has been developing this program and offering services to customers around the world.

With the capacity issues and blackout dates most moving companies are experiencing more and more each year; this has created an urgency to develop a program to help consumers move across the country when they need to and not be stranded by moving companies who do not have ability to handle the business in peak season. We also needed to come up with a solution to offer qualified labor partners who are screened and vetted to the industry and Department of Transportation requirements.

Move-Net does that and much more!

Being independently owned and operated means that we don’t have restrictions on what partners we are allowed to use. This means that we can use some of the most well-known companies in the industry. Of course these companies must share the same values, work ethic and resources that Move-Net has.

We leverage our moving partners across the nation by being the strong arm of the market, which helps them grow their business. In return, we get you the best and most competitive rate available.  With Move-Net, you never have to worry if we are available to handle your move. We only use the best pre-qualified partners in the country and with a price that can’t be beat.