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Children’s Corner

Everyone knows that moving is of life’s most stressful events. At Move-Net, we try to focus on making this transition as easy as possible, especially for the little ones!

Parent’s Tip

As a precaution, try to arrange for childcare on the day of your move. There are a number of dangers to children during the moving process such as the movers not seeing them while walking backwards, the child trying to play around or climb the boxes, and the fact you will be focused on a variety of things and it will be hard to keep a constant eye on them.

Help prepare kids for the move

  • Show them the new house and their room before you move.
  • Allow them to pack a few of their own boxes. Decorating their boxes is also a fun idea.
  • Discuss what fun ways you can decorate their new room together.
  • Keep out a few special toys to have during the transition of the move.
  • Take a photo of the old room before you start to pack so they can always have it to remember.
  • Have them write a note to the new occupants sharing their favorite memory in the house and leave it in a place for them to find it.
  • Always ask them how they are feeling, so you can openly talk about the moving process and alleviate any fears they may have.

Activities for kids

To show how important you and your family are to Move-Net, we have put together a packet of activities and coloring pages for your children to have before, during and after your move. This can be extremely helpful while traveling or to keep the kids occupied during the loading and unloading of your belongings. Just ask your Move Coordinator to send you a Children’s Packet or you can request one at

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