Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional mover?

Hiring a professional mover delivers exceptional value on a day that can be otherwise very stressful. Moving can be both emotionally and physically draining, and handling your items with care requires specific moving skills.  We highly recommend using professionals like you would for many other household needs such as plumbing and electricity.

Should I be prepared to help the team load my items into the truck?

NO! You simply point and we’ll do all the work. We’ll handle the sorting, loading, labor, and hauling.

Why do you book 2-hour arrival windows instead of giving me an exact time?

The 2-hour arrival window refers to the period of time during which your mover will show up ready to work at your home, office or alternate job site. It’s important to reserve the entire window in case a previous job runs longer than expected or your team members encounter heavy traffic.

For your convenience, your mover will give you a call 20-30 minutes in advance of arrival just so you aren’t stuck waiting around longer than necessary.

What is labor-only moving?

Labor-only moving means that the movers can lend a hand when you just need help loading or unloading your belongings and arranging the furniture and other items in your new home. Since Move-Net is a full service mover, we can provide individual services such as labor-only, packing/unpacking only, and more! Just let us know how we can help and we’ll be there for you!

Will my furnishings remain clean while being transported to my new home in the moving truck?

Our partners take pride in a clean-cut approach to their moving services. We understand the importance of cleanliness. They will go out of their way to keep your belongings as clean as they found them, from start to finish.

How do you determine what my move will cost?

There are a number of factors that go into pricing a move. Some of those factors include:

  • Distance of your move
  • Total inventory of your belongings
  • Special requests or items that require special care

In addition, as a full service mover, Move-Net can also provide other services if you’d like, such as packing/unpacking services and we offer supplies. We can work with you to provide a service package that fits into your budget. For your free full-service moving estimate, call 1-877-938-6683 to speak with one of our friendly Move Coordinators today!

What should I do if I received a cheaper price quote from another moving company?

At Move-Net, we understand that the cost of their move is an important issue with many clients. That being said, it is important to be cautious of any company offering a price that seems too good to be true. Often, these types of companies lack the necessary licensing, insurance, certification or professional training that you get when you choose Move-Net. Choosing a company without the proper licensing and insurance could put you at risk of being held liable in the event of an accident.

We may not always be the absolute lowest priced moving service, however the level of service you receive from Move-Net’s providers is guaranteed to deliver the most stress-free move into a new home or office that you’ve ever experienced.

Should I tip my movers?

As with other service industries, you may wish to thank your movers for an outstanding job by offering a gratuity.  We suggest a tip based on your satisfaction with your crew and the overall move.

When is the best time to move?

The best time to move is whenever you feel comfortable with it. There are entirely too many factors and variables involved to say there is one, true “best” time to move. For example, if you’re moving with children, many movers tend to suggest moving during the summer so they can get settled in before the new school year.
If you give Move-Net a call, we can help you find YOUR best time to move based on your unique circumstances.

How soon should I schedule my appointment?

The sooner the better! We will do our best to schedule you, even on short notice, but the further in advance you book your stress-free service, the more likely we are to be able to secure for you the time that fits best with your busy life.

Can you move me without damaging my furniture?

While we cannot guarantee there will be no damage, we can promise that our providers will move you with a high level of care and respect that other moving companies simply don’t offer.

Can you move me on the weekend?

Of course! Weekends are the most popular time to move, so you should try to schedule your move as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred moving date and time.

Can you move me at night?

Sometimes we’re able to perform moves at night, but we perform the majority of our moves during daylight hours. If you need us to move you after hours, there may be an additional fee on top of the normal moving charges.

Contact our friendly, professional moving coordinators at 1-877-938-6683 for more information.

Can you move me at the last minute?

Although we can’t guarantee it, we are often able to come to the rescue of clients who need a mover at the last minute.

This can happen for a variety of reasons that are outside of your control, such as delayed home closings, unreliable moving companies or unexpected relocations for a new career, or urgent personal life change.

We understand how stressful these situations can be and we do our best to accommodate each and every last minute moving request.

Can you move me from an apartment on the 5th floor?

We can move you from an apartment on ANY floor. In most cases the only limitations are the availability of the service elevator, or the property management company rules regarding what hours move in’s and move out’s may occur.

Can you move me during the winter?

Our professionally trained, hardworking movers will move you in rain, sleet, snow or any other weather. We know how important moving day is to you, and we will do whatever it takes to get your move completed, so long as the conditions are deemed safe to work.

Is a moving company “licensed?”

Trustworthy moving companies like all of Move-Net’s partners are fully licensed, and insured.

What equipment do the moving teams and truck arrive with?

The teams on the truck will arrive with all the tools needed to complete the move efficiently and safely, whether we need screwdrivers, moving dollies, straps or any other tool.

How much will my move cost?

We base an estimate for a labor only job at a flat rate or an hourly rate. Please speak with a Move Coordinator to discuss which option is best for your needs.

Pricing for a long distance move is based on a flat rate, fixed price. Once we have taken an inventory of your furniture and other belongings, and identified a time frame for delivery, we are happy to provide a binding price for your move.

Are there any items that you cannot move?

Move-Net partners, as well as all Licensed Movers, will not move hazardous or combustible items such as propane tanks, firearms, paint, and aerosols, as the temperature in the truck could cause these items to explode or ignite.

How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?

When the movers first arrive, they will do a walk-through of your current home, confirming which items are going and which are not.

What if I haven’t finished packing by my scheduled moving day?

If your moving day is rapidly approaching and it becomes clear that you will not be fully packed, it is critical that you inform your move coordinator as soon as possible. He/she can work with you to make the best possible “plan b” for packing. This may mean having the movers finish your packing or, if you have the flexibility and we have the availability, pushing back your moving day in order to allow more time to pack. If you have a only a small quantity of items left to pack, your movers can often complete this on moving day; however, it is important to understand that this will add time to the job and, therefore, add to the total cost of the move.

I have a few prized possessions that I need treated with extra care. How can I guarantee this?

For your own peace of mind, you may want to consider moving jewelry and other small valuables yourself in your personal vehicle. As for larger items – such as art, antiques, musical instruments, special collections, or other items of great personal meaning and value – point these items out to your movers at the start of moving day so that they can take the necessary steps to ensure for their proper care.

Do the movers take time off for lunch? Do I need to provide lunch for them?

Moving is a physically taxing job and the Movers need time to eat during the day. On a labor job, any time that the movers spend eating lunch will be deducted from your hourly bill. As for providing lunch, it is not required, as the movers often bring lunch or will find somewhere to eat along the way. However, water and/or sports drinks for the movers are always a welcome (and appreciated) refreshment!

Will there be any additional services?

Additional services are any services provided to you in addition to the line haul transportation. Your representative can fully explain what services are available, including: crating, packing, unpacking, appliance services, elevator, stair, and long carries, or shuttle service.

I understand that Move-Net offers a full service move, but is there anything I should do before the movers arrive?

Yes. The single most important thing you can do is to be as organized as possible. You should make sure that:

  • All items that you are taking personally should be separated, placed out of the way or in your vehicle and/or clearly marked.
  • Refrigerators and freezers are fully defrosted.
  • Washers, dryers and ice makers are disconnected.
  • Lawnmowers and similar tools have had all the gasoline emptied from their tank. An exception to this is riding mowers; leave enough fuel in the tank so that it can be loaded and unloaded with its own power.
  • All propane tanks are detached from grills.
  • Any items attached to walls or ceilings have been removed.

Do I or someone representing me need to be present while the packing, loading and unloading is being done?

Yes. Someone needs to be present to let the crews in and show them around. Moving day can be hectic and often, questions arise that can only be answered by someone familiar with your residence.

Where can I find packing materials if I want to pack myself?

Move-Net offers packing supplies that can be shipped directly to your home.

Will any of my household goods be disassembled for the move?

Items will only be disassembled if they cannot be easily handled or won’t fit through the door. Your movers will disassemble your beds and remove mirrors from dressers at no additional cost to you.  We will also reassemble all furniture that was disassembled at no additional cost.

What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?

You should make certain that your dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer are empty. Additionally, movers are not trained electricians or plumbers – you need to arrange for the appropriate professional to disconnect your washer, lighting/chandeliers, and refrigerator from any electric and/or water connection. Most importantly, movers are not licensed to disconnect gas, which power many dryers and ovens.