Packing box

Packing Tips

  • Begin about 6 weeks before move.
  • Go through each room and create 3 piles:
    • items that won’t be going (either being thrown away, donated, or garage sale)
    • items that will be packed on the moving truck
    • items that you will keep with you during the move
  • Keep boxes less than 50lbs
  • Make sure to label EVERY BOX.
    • Last Name – Room – Contents or # – Fragile/Heavy/This End Up
    • Any boxes that will be needed right away at destination also add – Load Last/Unload First
    • Instead of writing the contents on every box, just number the box and keep a checklist of what goes in each box. Makes unpacking much easier. Also, helps with claims if a box gets lost.
  • To avoid breakage of valuable items, pack them over a padded area. Dishes should always be packed on edge. Do not stack flat and each dish should be packed in clean non-ink paper or bubble wrap. Wrap cups and glasses in paper and cushion with dish towels or paper within the packing cartons.
  • Make sure to use packing tape rather than duct tape, which may not stick well to corrugate cardboard. Also, tape should be used to secure the top and bottom of the box rather than interlocking the edges of the box together. All boxes must have flat tops so they can be stacked in the truck.

Packing room by room is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to go about this process.

  • Bedroom
    • Everyone packs own room
    • Starting with closet, some items can be folded into boxes, while other more gentle clothes will need a wardrobe box
    • Clothes in the dresser can stay
  • Kitchen
    • Start with items that haven’t been used in awhile
    • Make sure boxes with any glass is labeled FRAGILE
    • Silverware trays – just wrap bubble wrap around and tape it, with items still in it
  • Bathroom
    • Main bathrooms can be packed last
    • Make sure anything that might leak is in a sealed plastic bag
    • Keep any cosmetics and travel size shampoo/conditioner/soap with you if it will take longer than a day to get to ending location
  • Furniture
    • If any furniture needs to be disassembled, place small parts in a sealed plastic bag and tape to furniture piece it belongs to.
    • Lampshades should not be packed with newspaper, as the ink can permanently stain them.


  • Poison, flammable substances, radioactive materials, corrosives, gaseous materials
  • Make sure gasoline is drained from every item!